Advanced Botox Treatments

Bloom for yourself.
— April Green

What is Botox?

When someone uses the word botox, they are referring to a class of neuromodulators – drugs derived from botulinum toxin that block signals from nerves to muscle. By temporarily weakening the targeted facial muscles, wrinkles are smoothened and made more subtle. Examples of botox neuromodulators are Botox®, Dysport®, Jeuveau®, or Xeomin®.  


  • Forehead Wrinkle Reduction

    Neuromodulator placement in the forehead/frontalis muscle to smoothen forehead lines.

  • Chemical Brow Lift

    Neuromodulator placement in the brow muscles to provide a subtle lift to the eyebrows.

  • Crow’s Feet and Lower Eyelid Wrinkles

    Neuromodulator placement in the eyelid area to smoothen eyelid wrinkle lines.

  •  “Lip Flip”

    Microdose placement of Neuromodulator in the upper lip area to create a more youthful outturning at the cupid’s bow of the lip.  

  • Nasal Tip 

    Neuromodulator placement in the depressor septi nasi muscle to lift the nasal tip.

  • Gummy Smile Correction

    Neuromodulator placement in the upper lip elevating muscles to create a subtle correction.

  • Masseter Muscle reduction

    Neuromodulator placement in the masseter muscle of the cheeks to create a slimmed contour of face and jawline.

  • Puckered Chin

    Neuromodulator placement in the mentalis muscle to create a smoother contour of the chin.

  • Platysmal Bands - Neck/Nefertiti Lift

    Neuromodulator placement in the platysma muscle to create a smoother contour of the neck.

  • Hyperhidrosis - Sweaty Palms/Armpits

    Neuromodulator placement in the axillary or palm regions to temporarily block sweat secretion.

The Consult

All consultations with Dr. Chang are unhurried and relaxed. First and foremost, a thorough medical examination and history is performed to ensure all safety precautions are properly addressed. Adequate time is taken to listen to all of your questions and to focus in on what your precise concerns may be. A thorough discussion of potential risks, alternatives, and benefits is held with each patient. If you are a suitable candidate, a customized treatment plan will be designed for you. 


The KPRS Difference

Our Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Suzie Chang, is a board-certified plastic surgeon with specialized fellowship training focusing on aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery. Because of the nuances and individualization of treatment planning, all injections are directly performed by our plastic surgeon. Dr. Chang recommends every patient to follow-up one week after Botox treatments to ensure symmetry, effect, and patient satisfaction.  

Our Practice Philosophy

As a boutique plastic surgery office, our practice philosophy is based on three tenets of: Patient Safety, Personalized Care, and Elegant Results.   

Additionally, the office of Katy Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery prescribes to the Preventative Maintenance lifestyle philosophy – recommending smaller but regular treatments to prevent accelerated aging. By adopting this approach, patients may be able to avoid the need and expense of major invasive rejuvenation procedures. Botox treatments can be a major component in achieving these goals.  

Contact Us

If you are considering these procedures or have any questions, call or email the office today to arrange your private consultation with Dr. Chang.