Asian Eyelid Surgery

The eyes have one language everywhere.
— George Herbert

What is asian eyelid surgery?

The Asian eyelid has significant differences in the anatomy and structure than that of the occidental (Western) eyelid. One of such important examples is the presence or absence of a defined eyelid crease. As a result, there are different surgical procedures distinctively designed to enhance the eyelid aesthetics of the Asian eyelid.  When it comes to Asian Eyelid Surgery, Dr. Chang understands the cultural sensitivities and Asian aesthetic ideals important to the patient. 


  • Monolid-Preservation Blepharoplasty

This procedure involves a surgical eyelid lift where excess skin (from the aging process) is removed while preserving the monolid aesthetics.  

  • Infra-brow Blepharoplasty/ "Reverse Blepharoplasty"

This procedure involves removal of excess skin (from aging process) by targeting the sagging eyelid tissue on the outer sides of the eyelid (lateral hooding). This is performed with an incision hidden at the lower border of the eyebrow. This procedure can also be used in patients who wish to preserve their monolid aesthetics.

  • Crease Surgery

This procedure involves the surgical creation of a defined upper eyelid crease where there previously was none. This can be done either with minimal-incision suture techniques, incisional techniques, or with a hybrid technique. By creating a defined upper eyelid crease, the aesthetics of the eye region can be enhanced to make the eye opening appear bigger.

  • Epicanthoplasty 

This procedure involves surgery of the epicanthal fold – a skin fold sometimes present near the inner corner of the Asian eye. By removing or reducing this skin fold, the eyelid aesthetics is enhanced by increasing the size of the eye opening.

In particular, this area has significantly delicate eyelid skin that requires delicacy in the surgeon’s touch.   

  • Lateral Canthoplasty

This procedure involves surgery of the outer corner of the eye. By redirecting or moving the position of the lateral canthus (or the outer corner of the eyelid – where upper and lower eyelids meet), the aesthetics and function of the eyelids can be enhanced.  

The Consult

All consultations with Dr. Chang are unhurried and relaxed. First and foremost, a thorough medical examination and history is performed to ensure all safety precautions are properly addressed. Adequate time is taken to listen to all of your questions and to focus in on what your precise concerns may be. If you are a suitable candidate, a customized treatment plan will be designed for you.  


The KPRS Difference

Our Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Suzie Chang, is a board-certified plastic surgeon with specialized fellowship training in both oculoplastic (eyelid) & aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery. Additionally, Dr. Chang has completed fellowship training in Seoul, S. Korea for Asian Eyelid Surgery and has collaborated with her professional colleagues in the US and S.Korea on multiple publications on these topics. It is invaluable knowing that your plastic surgeon understands the importance of balancing eyelid function with Asian eyelid aesthetics.  

Our Practice Philosophy

The office of Katy Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is a boutique plastic surgery office, committed to spending high-quality time with each patient. We are a single location practice with a locally-based surgeon focused on our single location. Our practice philosophy is based on three tenets of: Patient Safety, Personalized Care, and Elegant Results.    

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