The making of a woman who has continued to grow is a beautiful thing to behold.
— Naomi Wolf

What is Female Genital Rejuvenation Surgery?

Female Genital Rejuvenation Surgery is a collection of cosmetic procedures designed to rejuvenated and enhance the appearance of the female external genital area.  This part of the female body undergoes tremendous changes through hormonal changes brought upon by puberty, childbearing, and menopause.     


  • Labiaplasty

    Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that improves the appearance the female external genital region by reducing the length of the labia minora, or inner lips of the vagina. This is the most commonly performed female genital rejuvenation surgery.  

  • Labia Majoraplasty

    This surgical procedure improves the appearance of the outer, hair-bearing labia majora. It is usually done to reduce the size or address a longer or hanging appearing labia majora.

  • Monsplasty

    Monsplasty is a surgical procedure designed to reduce a bulging appearance of the mons, or pubic mound. This is done by reducing the amount of fatty tissues or skin in that area.

  • Clitoral Hood Reduction

    This surgical procedure is designed to reduce the size of the clitoral hood, or prepuce, by removal of extra folds or excess tissue.

  • Labial Augmentation

    This involves filler or fat graft placement into the aged labia majora to create a more youthful contour.   

The Consult

Dr. Chang recognizes and values discretion and personalized care. As such, every individual’s surgical treatment plan is unique to their personal features and aesthetic goals. All consultations with Dr. Chang start with a thorough medical examination and history is performed to ensure all safety precautions are properly addressed. Every effort is made to keep each consultation comfortable and easy.  Adequate time is taken to listen to all of your questions and to focus in on what your precise concerns may be. If you are a suitable candidate, Dr. Chang will balance patient safety and aesthetic goals when customizing your treatment plan.    


The KPRS Difference

Our Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Suzie Chang, is a board-certified plastic surgeon with specialized fellowship training in strategic focuses important in Female Genital Rejuvenation surgeries. As a woman and a plastic surgeon, Dr. Chang is uniquely qualified to understand and achieve desired results. Dr. Chang balances the importance of both aesthetics and biologic function customizing each individual’s surgery treatment plan. As a conservative and patient safety-conscious surgeon, Dr. Chang focuses on subtle and natural results.   

Our Practice Philosophy

The office of Katy Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is a boutique plastic surgery office, committed to spending high-quality time with each patient. We are a single location practice with a locally-based surgeon – focused on our single location. Our practice philosophy is based on three tenets of: Patient Safety, Personalized Care, and Elegant Results.    

Contact Us

If you are considering these procedures or have any questions, call or email the office today to arrange your private consultation with Dr. Chang.